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The total length of a hose assembly is measured along the hose centreline from end of nipple to end of nipple. Except of the elbowed fittings and banjos. These are measured - like you can see in the right picture - through the middle of the fitting.

Twist angle measuring

How to measure and specify double elbow fittings on a hose assembly - when installations require hose assemblies with elbow fittings on both ends, hold the assembly so the nearest fitting is pointed in the 6 o’clock position. Measure the angle between the fittings counter-clockwise. When both fittings point to 6 o’clock, this is specified as zero degrees.


Usually the best way to get new hose assemblies is to work according to samples. You send us the hose assemblies and we are measuring them ourselves. The advantage is obvious. Experts are taking the characteristics of the hose assembly for example the material (rubber or PTFE), the pressure rate, the application, the type of fitting or the assembly length. You can be sure to get the same type of hose like you had before.

If it has to be done ASAP there is always the opportunity to order by fax with our printed order form. To make ordering easy we added some information to the fax form concerning the measuring of hose assemblies with the use of a wrench for example.
More easy could be ordering by the use of the old assembly number. Most hose assemblies are described with a small identification tag. With the help of our database we are able to identify the most numbering systems and to cross reference to Stratoflex. If you need help with ordering by fax, feel free to call us. The past showed that most people get used to that way of ordering very fast. Once done it correctly, you save time and expenses every time you are going to order by fax.