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Overview - Couplings

Couplings can be used for many different jobs. They are divided in different groups because of their varying features. To help you choose the right coupling, it’s necessary to know the characteristics like the used fluid, the working pressure and the dimensions. Our Ask For Quotation helps you gather all needed information. Stratoflex couplings are using a part number made of 10 different components. If you need any assistance on choosing a coupling, just write us an email or give us a call.

Other Connectors
In addition we offer special connectors from Stratoflex for the civil and military aviation.
Waterman volumetric-type fuses and pressure –compensated flow regulators are made for critical hydraulic applications.
High pressure swivel joints are used in liquid or pneumatic systems where torsional rotation between lines is necessary. Typical applications include retractable landing gear, cargo door actuators, and any pivoting pressure line.
Break away valves are designed for use in aircraft fuel systems subjected to separation loads. They are extremely valuable in fuel applications where fluid containment is necessary to reduce hazards of fire resulting from a hard landing or crash.