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Air hoses for carburetor preheat

As a specialist for hose assemblies around airplanes WMT also offers a single layered hose for carburetor preheat or heat systems.
With the order number SG1M this hose is available in all sizes. We stock it with the following diameters: 25mm(1"), 32mm(1,25"), 51mm(2"), 63mm(2,5"), 76(3")mm and 89mm(3,5").

Our Service
As usual we help you within 2 days. In contrast to common hoses we use integral, vulcanised, wire-free cuffs at both ends. That helps the mechanic to put it easily on and make a safe connection. The wire mash is totally shielded and can´t tear of the end of the hose.

You just measure the length and the diameter of the hose - we do the rest.

Only single layered hoses should be used for carburetor preheating. If a double layered hose is used the inner layer can be peeled of and get into the carburetor. That could cause a stop of the engine.


  • hot and cold air ducting
  • air conditioning and ventilation
  • flue gases and smoke
  • light oil fumes
Special characteristics
  • extremely light, high-strength design
  • highly flexible
  • low weight
  • high resistances to heat and cold
  • high resistances to ozone and ageing
Temperature range
  • continues operation -70° to 250°C
  • intermittent operation -85° to 300°C
Fire retardant under FAR/JAR 25.853 (b), ABD 0031