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Adapter Set for Pitot-Static-Test

Tool free adapter set for Pitot-Static-Test
This set is designed for quick adapting your Pitot-Static-Tester to the airframe with two independent altimeter, vertical speed and airspeed systems. All test hoses, distributors and Pitot-Quick-Adapters are equipped with self-sealing couplings. Pitot and Static couplings are unmistakable designed to prevent that pressure air will destroy your instruments.


  • for flight line calibration checks and troubleshooting
  • helps to perform precision Pitot-Static-Test
  • fully portable and self-contained
  • lightweight
  • durable aluminium carrying case

Displayed sets are for the helicopters

  • EC 135 & EC 145
  • Bell 212
  • BO 105
  • Aluoette
  • Puma SA330
  • Super Puma AS332

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