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Our Capabilities

  • Repair / Inspection (500h) / Overhaul
    • TCM/Bendix S-20 Series
    • TCM/Bendix S-200 Series
    • TCM/Bendix S-1200 Series
    • TCM/Bendix D-2000 Series
    • TCM/Bendix D-3000 Series
  • Repair / Inspection (250h/500h/1000h)
    • UNISON/Slick 600 Series
    • UNISON/Slick 4200/6200 Series
    • UNISON/Slick 4300/6300 Series
  • technical support
  • fault finding including harnesses
  • European certification - EASA "FORM ONE"
  • detailed inspection report


We provide you with 100% cost control

All parts that are exchanged by new parts will be delivered with the magneto. The detailed inspection report gives you the finding to each rejected part.


Our Service

Because of our specialization we are able to deliver fast, reliable and with moderate prices. All maintenance parts are kept in our well-assorted stock.
The delivery is most times made within 2-4 days. If it should be earlier just give us a call! In very urgent cases it is possible to ship the magnetos out within one working day.


We test and repair following harnesses


  • Continental Bendix (TCM Bendix)
  • Champion Slick (Unison Slick)
  • Kelly Aerospace

New Harnesses

We can offer new harnesses without sample for following engine types:
  • Coninental Motoren
  • Avco Lycoming Motoren
  • Franklin Motoren


Ordering is simple, just give us information about:

  • Engine model
  • Magneto model
  • Spark plug size (REM or RHM)
  • straight or 90° elbow connection to spark plug

and you will directly receive an offer including price and lead time.