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Hydraulic Fuses and Flow Regulators

Hydraulics engineers at commercial aircraft OEM´s such as Boeing and Airbus have depended on Waterman hydraulic fuses and flow regulators for many years. Flow regulators limit the rate of flow in hydraulic lines to predetermined ranges, regardless of variations in system pressure or workload. Waterman flow regulators are used to insure proper landing gear operation in most Boeing commercial jets flying today.

Hydraulic fuses work much like their electrical counterparts. Hydraulic fuses protect systems from damage due to loss of reservoir fluid or ruptured tubes, hoses, or other components.

Learn how Stratoflex´s Waterman line of hydraulic fuses and flow regulators can be used in your systems by selecting from the following links:

Typical installation of flow regulators

Typical installation of hydraulic fuses

Regretfully, our extensive Waterman catalog is too large to display over the Internet efficiently. Please request a hardcopy of the catalog or contact the appropriate member of the Stratoflex team on the Sales and Service page.