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Breakaway Valves

Proven lifesavers, Stratoflex breakaway valves separate under crash loads on fluid lines exceeding a predetermine value. Upon separation, the valves automatically seal the fluids in the lines to effectively prevent spills. Breakaway valves are typically used on fuel lines, main fuel tanks, aircraft auxiliary fuel tanks, air-to-air refueling systems, and fall away external tanks. Tank vent lines often use the single valve versions.

Trouble Free Installation

End fittings are free to swivel during installation, preventing torque from being transmitted to the fused section. They also permit easy bolt hole alignment of flange mounted couplings. In the rare event of damage during maintenance, which may cause minor separation and valve closure, a red spring retainer moves forward and becomes visible through the plastic window, 360 degrees around the coupling, indicating a closed valve. The Stratoflex design allows the fuse elements, which control separation, to be replaced at nominal cost.